Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Day One

First Day in the ICU of MSH brought a lot of positive emotions. The pace of activities was gradually developed from a slow lazy rhythm to an extreme speed.
It was one of these days when I can honestly tell:
I've learned something today!
First of all I familiarized myself with a respiratory equipment
(PURITAN BENNETT 7200), continuous nutrition pumps, numerous sets of equipment and different types of alarms.
I got a chance to learn some useful tips on priming the tubing for nutrition via PEG tube , observed placement of the central subclavian line.
My preceptor "N. was very helpful and thought me some good tips on reading the EKG strips, introduced me to the system: 300 150 100 75 60 (never heard of this method before)
Preceptor "N. tested my knowledge on knowing how to identify the difference between various types of EKG abnormalities, including 1st and 2nd degree block, peaked T wave.
The time went by very fast and I was very surprised when my alarm on the watch signaled to me that the first day of the Leadership Class is over.
Well, tomorrow is another day - a lot more to discover, a lot more to learn.

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