Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Day Three

I am moving ahead in process of learning and adaptation to the ICU environment.
ICU always involves goes on margin of the blade. It involves numerous medications with dangerous side effects and adverse reactions. You have to check and analyze what are you doing instantly!

While observing the nurses doing IV pushes I have noticed that an experienced ICU nurse would always double check what is she pushing through the IV and what was in the IV previously. For instance if a patient is on the infusion of Potassium Chloride and you are in about to administer certain medication through the port of this IV - you must administer the medication slowly as the dose of the medication located in the little portion of IV between the port of infusion and the other end of the catheter might be sufficient to induce an unwanted outcome. That is why as a nurse you want to make sure that you are always thinking of the possible outcomes of one's actions. Safety is always first!
Few safety tips on dealing with syringes:
1. Never take an eye away from the needle once it is open and don't let others distract you.
2. When you pressing the safety device of the needle make sure that your hands are not wet as the syringe might slip out of your hands possessing a treat of being stuck with it needle.
3. When you pressing the safety device of the needle keep it away from yourself as blood located on the tip of the needle may drip and come in contact with your tissues.

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