Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Day Five

I think just by being present at the ICU, the whole perception of the human mind changes.
I have noticed that an importance of the healthy lifestyle was reinforced in my mind.
It is sad but it is reality... Only after I looked at all the suffering of the patients who got into the ICU for the reason of not following the healthy lifestyle, I realized...
Few milestones that I think any person in the right mind should follow:
1. Daily exercise.
2. Zero tolerance for "street drugs"
3. Healthy eating habits: Low fat diet, fruits and vegetables daily.
4. Stress avoidance: " Taking it all easy! :)"
5. Daily educational activities.

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Anonymous said...

You're giving such a good advise to all people especially to the healthcare people who need to change their lifestyle so they stay fit & healthy at work.
i believe you do what you stated here Mr. Proud Nurse!")